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Keeping the Real in Real Estate with Stephanie Heiser

February 10, 2022 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada Real Estate Agent / Stephanie Heiser Season 3 Episode 239
I Love Kelowna
Keeping the Real in Real Estate with Stephanie Heiser
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Show Notes

In Stephanie's own words: Selling and investing in real estate was never in my life plan. I was a teacher and then a Vice Principal. And then I got a taste of my first flip and realized there was a strong need for agents that would educate and advocate for their clients. I had 8 open escrows within 2 months of getting my license because I listened to the advice of an agent I met at an open house. My online lead conversion rate was over 10% because I know the local market, utilize helpful apps, and can anticipate the needs of others well. The Joshua Tree market is really hot and I have the pleasure of helping first time investors and savvy seasoned investors as well as first time home buyers. I moved to a new market and started a team to help manage the volume of two really hot markets. I'd love to help everyone see that you don't have to be born into real estate or be rich to succeed in this business. You just have to know your shit, hustle, provide value, and be genuine.

I'd love to inspire listeners to pursue their passion, especially if it's real estate. I am smart and strategic, and I wasn't born into wealth or born into the real estate business. I took a huge leap of faith with my first investment and made $60k profit on a 400 square foot cabin. I took a risk when I quit my six figure admin job and got a real estate license. After closing 54 deals my first year, I took another huge risk and moved 5 hours away and started a team earlier than I anticipated. I just launched Visalia Love, kinda like those rock painting community initiatives but instead I make clay heart ornaments and hang them around town for people to find and keep. Each month I buy a gift certificate from a local business and the person that finds the designated heart wins that gift. I am doing a buy out of the local minor league MLB stadium so that everyone in town can attend the game free courtesy of Heiser Home Team because I love Visalia (and baseball) so much. It's all about an abundance mindset, knowing your market thoroughly. and anticipating the needs of others.


• Real Estate
• Hashimotos/Thyroid issues
• Ambition/drive
• Teaching/school administration
• How many houses did you sell your first year in real estate?
• How did you get in to real estate?
• Do you think the market is going to crash?
• What secrets can help a new agent succeed?
• What do people need to know when they buy their first investment property?
• How do you know if you're getting a good deal?
• How much does it cost and how long does it take to get your real estate license?
• How do you manage having an autoimmune disease and being an entrepreneur?
• What is wrong with the education system and how can we fix it?
• How can teachers transition to real estate?

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