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Unicorn Shadows, Recovering from Childhood Abuse and Trauma with Teri Wellbrock

July 26, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent / Teri Wellbrock Season 3 Episode 215
I Love Kelowna
Unicorn Shadows, Recovering from Childhood Abuse and Trauma with Teri Wellbrock
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Teri Wellbrock is the host and producer of the international Healing Place Podcast; writer/blogger; motivational speaker; a registered Pet Partners therapy dog handler of her Labradoodle, Sammie; and founder/director of the volunteer organization, Sammie’s Bundles of Hope, benefiting children with trauma history. Teri radiates a contagious energy of joyousness and hope.

From her upcoming book:

"A little girl, armed with dimples and a compassionate nature, silently maneuvered her way through the wicked shadows toward a beckoning light. She moved with her head bowed in fear, hands clasped in prayer above her head, begging God to make the pain stop, and with God's light shining down upon her, a unicorn shadow was cast on the plaster wall beyond her. Legend has it the unicorn bestowed miracles, magic, and wisdom. The unicorn, therefore, represents opening oneself to infinite possibilities.

Unicorn Shadows is the story of my journey through trauma. By age 22 I had survived an attempted drowning by an alcoholic parent; physical abuse at the hands of a parent; sexual molestations by various predators; date rape; gang attack; attempted rape by a police officer; bank robbery in which a gun was held to my head and my co-worker was stabbed 3 times with a hunting knife; and a second bank robbery in which my co-worker was shot and murdered and I found myself face-to-face with an armed gunman. Those are merely the highlights.

It is a story of faith, of finding peace amidst the chaos, of believing in the miracle of hope. The unicorn shadow represents the pain of the prayer while simultaneously portraying the hope of the miracle within.


  • What is your "story of hope" - personal trauma story? 
  • How has awareness of the impact of emotional abandonment and co-dependent relationships impacted your healing journey? 
  • Explain the power of friendship and soul connection with others. 
  • Why is the "I get it" (#metoo ) connection so powerful. 
  • Sharing our stories can provide a release, but also a bond with others. How has that impacted your own healing journey and helped others to heal in the process? 
  • What strategies have you added to your own coping skills toolbox and which are your favorite go-to grounding modalities?
  • What is your mission, dream, goal in your soul work? 
  • Explain the benefits of exposing our vulnerabilities with others.  
  • If you could reach as many people in the world as possible with your message of hope, who would you want your audience to be?
  • What are your favorite go-to coping strategies?

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(Cont.) Unicorn Shadows, Recovering from Childhood Abuse and Trauma with Teri Wellbrock