I Love Kelowna

Organizing Chaos and Simplifying the Complex with John Tsourakis

August 01, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent / John Tsourakis Season 3 Episode 216
I Love Kelowna
Organizing Chaos and Simplifying the Complex with John Tsourakis
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In John's own words: 
"I’m a serial entrepreneur, seasoned leader and strategist. I’m an expert in brand identity, business communications, buyer behavior, sales conversions, marketing systems, product/service design and digital marketing.

I created two companies that averaged 4X’s ROI for businesses with branding and marketing models. In my industry, I’ve done it all to some extent: write, draw, code, design, but I shine as a marketing strategist and sales developer.

In ‘19, I merged my agency and became co-owner of Oyova. As President and Chief Revenue Officer where I’m responsible for the sales and growth of the company. 

A Little More About Me:

~ I have a unique ability to organize chaos, simplify the complex and build a team to overcome obstacles and challenges.

~ I’m not conventional. There’s always a better way.

~ And I love people, connecting with new ones and fostering old ones.

~ As I mentioned, I love people. So reach out to talk about tech, marketing, business or movies.


  • How to Build the Ultimate Sales Process
  • Leadership techniques to build & foster teams
  • Developing simple, but effective strategies for anything (and the power differences between strategy/tactics, goals/objectives)
  • Everyone is in sales and how to turn anyone on your team into a sales leader
  • Effective sales and marketing growth strategies for any business

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(Cont.) Organizing Chaos and Simplifying the Complex with John Tsourakis