I Love Kelowna

From Homeless to Techy Nerd to Doctor with Ty Belknap

November 01, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent Season 3 Episode 225
I Love Kelowna
From Homeless to Techy Nerd to Doctor with Ty Belknap
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Ty Belknap was homeless (and felt hopeless) as a teenager. It was a struggle, but he managed to get out of the situation (and mindset). He moved from the Pacific Northwest to Hawaii. He learned Island-life and became a SCUBA Divemaster, then he moved back to Seattle, got into computers and became a techy nerd. Now, Ty Belknap has a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership and runs Port Bell SEO, a successful online marketing business. He also coaches homeless and at-risk teens so they can see that they have worth and value.

Then he became a surfer and SCUBA diver. From there he found his inner nerd and started in the tech industry. By 25 he was a network engineer working at companies like Microsoft, Compaq and HP. At 36, he left the corporate world and started a web design and online marketing company (before it was called SEO). Now, with a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and Life Coaching, Ty Belknap runs Port Bell SEO with 4 employees, none of which live within 1,000 miles of his office.

COVID is in the midst of creating a new normal (and aren't we all sick of hearing that?). One of the most difficult things in this "new normal" is remote working. I would love to talk about how a company can hire, fire, and motivate remote employees. I've been hiring remote employees for almost 20 years now and my current employees work from countries like Macedonia, India and Serbia (I live in the US).

It redefines "solopreneur" because, although I have 4 employees, I work alone in an office all day long.

Entrepreneurs are also struggling with finding their footing in the online marketing game. This is tough for many people, and I would be happy to talk about easy ways businesses can get higher in the search engines. I have been an SEO expert for almost 2 decades now, and the 3rd edition of my book, "Timeless SEO Secrets" came out in March of 2021.


 •    SEO
•    Online marketing
•    Small business marketing
•    Solopreneur +
•    Working with remote employees
•    How can a small business web site get higher in the search engines?
•    Is it more difficult or easier working with remote employees over in person?
•    What is SEO?
•    Is there SEO I can learn to do myself?
•    What advice do you have for solopreneurs?
•    Why a Doctor of Strategic Leadership?
•    What are the best online marketing options today?
•    What do you think of social media marketing and pay per click (Google, Bing, etc.)?
•    What's it like being an introvert entrepreneur?

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(Cont.) From Homeless to Techy Nerd to Doctor with Ty Belknap