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Optimizing the College Admissions Process with Lindsay Fried

November 18, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent Season 3 Episode 230
I Love Kelowna
Optimizing the College Admissions Process with Lindsay Fried
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Show Notes

Originally from Westchester, New York, Lindsay headed south for college and received a BBA in Business Management from the University of Miami. After graduating, she worked on marketing and investor relations teams for several alternative investment funds, with assets up to $3 billion. 

Lindsay later received her Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from University of California, Irvine, and started Simply Admissions in 2016.  She is also a Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner.

Lindsay’s professional affiliations include:

 •   Independent Educational Consultant Association (Professional Member)
•   National Association for College Admission Counseling
•   Southern Association for College Admission Counseling
•   Georgia College Counseling Association
•   Enrollment Management Association 

Lindsay now lives in Atlanta and in her free time enjoys traveling, biking, and kayaking. 

Lindsay has been helping families simplify the college admissions process for more than 5 years.  During the 2020-2021 application season, her students were admitted to over 118 different colleges in 30 states & 5 countries. They also received more than $8.2 million in merit aid.

 Lindsay can help our audience learn how to make the college admissions process easier. She talks about college prep best practices, how to attend college without going broke, and how the college landscape has changed post-COVID. 

Lindsay started Simply Admissions at 25 years old. Fast forward to 2021, she now has another educational consultant and career coach on her team. She would love to motivate other women entrepreneurs and/or people that are looking to make a drastic career change. 


•     College Prep
•     Financial Aid
•     College Admissions Post-COVID
•     How can a student simplify the college admissions process?
•     How can parents support their student as they apply for college?
•     How can a teen prepare in order to be successful during the college admissions process?
•     What are college prep best practices?
•     How can I avoid going into debt to attend college?
•     Should I take on any debt to attend college?





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