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Drop Kick the Drama! with Madonna Hannah

December 01, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent
I Love Kelowna
Drop Kick the Drama! with Madonna Hannah
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Show Notes

In Madonna Hanna's own words: "I truly believe that when people drop kick the drama in their lives...Anything is POSSIBLE! I am a living example of that statement.

I should be booked as guest because, I am a charismatic, energetic and dynamic  survivor! Thank goodness I was bullied as a child. Being bullied prepared me to grow a thick skin and helped me to stand my ground as a retail executive in a conservative white city like Boston.

I later became a high school Fashion Marketing educator in Washington State. Absolutely, no bullying allowed in my classroom! I look forward to sharing my anti-bullying classroom strategies and the anti-bullying campaigns I created and shared with schools in Washington State. 

Also, as a retired person, on a whim at the age of 57, (10 years ago) I became a competitive amateur sprinter. Mind you I had no prior experience at all in track and field. I have competed in numerous Washington State Senior Game events and am preparing for my 3rd. National Senior Game event, May 2022. My coach is a 2021 Olympic hopeful. 

I am also a widow, going on three years. I believe widows and widowers can inspire others by reaching out/volunteering and being rainbows that brighten the lives of others. I definitely love to using my experiences, talents and skills to encourage people of all age to achieve their dreams and goals!"

•     Thank Goodness I Was Bullied! 
•     Yikes! Don’t Let Your Classroom Be Hi-Jacked By Bullies!
•     Survive and Thrive Widowhood As A Brilliant Rainbow
•     Get Set and Go Toward A Fit and Fabulous Second Act! 
•     Empower, Celebrate and Own Your Beautiful Differences!
•     What’s your best advice for a child who is bullied?
•     Was there a pivotal moment during your school experience that changed you from a victim to a victor? 
•     Is your anti-bulling strategy  easy for educators to implement?
•     Please share your creative ideas to prevent bullying and promote classroom civility? 
•     Your bio reads that your amateur competitive sprinter career began at the age of 57. What was the catalyst that spurred you on?
•     Tell our listeners about the monthly column you are writing to chronicle your journey to the National Senior Games? How have seniors been inspired by your journey? What fitness advice do you have to offer? 
•     Because of the generational gap; between you and your track coach, were there any challenges  to over come? What efforts or concessions did you make to bridge the generational gap?  
•     What are the benefits of being a late in life athlete?  What advice do you have for those of us over 50, who are considering playing a sport? 



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